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There is not even one student at a college or university who can boast that education process always goes flawless, doesn’t require much time and efforts and gives not less than a feeling of full delight and happiness.

Students are often burdened with the deadlines, exceptionally complex assignments, challenging case studies, annoying group projects, etc. It means that there is nothing wrong with the desire to receive some timely extra help, especially when your morale is at the edge of collapsing. However, different students choose different tactics when looking for assistance with their academic assignment. Some ask their peers, some look for free samples online and some address custom writing agencies for expert academic help.

We’ve gathered the pros and cons of the most popular approaches to make your choice more conscious and reasonable.

Pros and Cons of Getting Free Sample Essays Online

  1. Originality vs availability. The assignments students receive are very similar, especially when they lie in the field of standard syllabus of the particular discipline or course. It means that hundreds of students before you received this or similar task, and most probably you can receive an example essay written close to your professor’s requirements online. You can look through several points of view at the same problem, collect some references and examples and use them in your own research paper or essay. However, the apparent con here is that your professors and peers can google as well, and your essay will be not only unoriginal but also might be considered as plagiarised, especially if the professor reads the same text every year. You might not be accused of plagiarism, but the relationship with the professor might become tenser.
  2. Quality vs general reasoning. We can’t claim all free samples are of low quality. There are good papers, with deep reasoning and proper formatting. At the same time, such texts live online for years if not decades and are reposted for numerous times. It means the references used there are most probably close to being arcane. However, you can find some valuable links and pdfs. It is important to be very skeptical towards anything you read in such papers and check every fact. Never use facts mentioned in such samples (even well-cited) without finding and looking through the original sources.
  3. Time issue. To google some topic in question seems much faster than to place an order online. There are cases when it can be true. If your essay is required to be short and rather simple and you need at least an average sample of how to structure it or how to start it, it might be faster and of course cheaper to find free samples, analyze them properly and make your own conclusions. When it comes to more substantial academic assignments, you might spend hours looking through poorly-written examples, not relevant to your case study, using old research data, etc. In such case placing an order at some reliable academic writing website will certainly save your time. Even if the deadline is scarily close, consider addressing a support team and get to know if there writers available and able to save your task and your night sleep.
  4. Sample vs. model. Sample papers are not obligatory perfect or “model” when it comes to formatting. You can use them as an inspirational source when looking for the topic of your own paper, but it is better to consult more valid and reliable websites when you need to deal with MLA, APA, Turabian or any other formatting style. The paper written for you by an academic writing company will be formatted according to the most strict demands, based on the extended manuals (Purdue OWl and others) and checked by the professional editors.

The key idea of this comparison is to show you that free samples can be used and can be beneficial for your academic life, but you should use them carefully and only for some specific purposes. It is only reasonable to save money using free online texts to your advantage.

However, make sure that you don’t risk your paper’s quality and originality leaning on free assistance to which all your peer students and professors have access as well.

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