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Dealing with the analysis of any kind is a challenging task, first of all, because you can’t just pour some “water” into your text and paraphrase someone else’s work, compiling different sources into one. You have to dig into the issue, define the most valuable details and characteristics and describe their impact and relevant, creating a broader picture. That is why custom analysis writing is one of the most popular demands students address our expert writing service with. We are ready willing and able to assist you with any kind of analysis writing around-the-clock, as we have professional writers, native speakers of the English language which work specifically with this type of assignment, and employ their field specialty to increase the quality of each business or literary analysis.

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It is a no-brainer that to make an analysis of any kind you have to analyze something. Any study implies breaking a researched issue into parts, looking for valuable details, assessing their characteristics and their role. However, if it is the only thing you know about the analysis, you might have hard times dealing with the variety of its types. We have asked our expert writers to make a short “cheat note” for you, so you can check on it every time you receive any “analysis assignment.” For your convenience, we have separated this list into two parts.

Analyses Used in Humane Studies

  1. Writing critical analysis is not about being a critiс. If you study English Literature, you will most probably have to write critical analysis at least once each semester. To deal with it, you will have to read and analyze a particular book or article and determine whether the author managed to unveil the issue in question using specific literary techniques.
  2. Literary analysis gives you the most freedom. Critical analysis writing is similar to literary analysis writing. However, when making a literary analysis you have to first of all pay attention to the literary techniques and components of the text, explain how they reflect the key idea of the author. Making a literary analysis, you choose whether to pay more attention to the writer’s style or the book’s content.
  3. Tense up for writing a rhetorical analysis. Many professors claim that rhetorical analysis is the most advanced analysis that can be applied to the literary work. However, if you are an expert in breaking down text into several parts and explaining how they work together and separately to support and express they key idea, you are out of trouble!

Analyses Used in Business and Finance Studies

In general business analysis consists of revealing the business needs and finding the solutions for business problems. It is a broad definition, but it covers most of the more specific analyses described below.

  1. Financial analysis is also a broad term but mostly it implies identification and assessment of trends in the development of financial processes in the enterprise. This information is necessary for the manager to develop adequate management decisions to reduce the risk and increase the profitability of the company's financial and economic activities, for the investor to resolve the issue of investment expediency, and for the banks to determine the conditions for lending to the enterprise.
  2. Market analysis requires the collection of information about a specific industry market and its consumers, which is further comprehensively explored. The major purpose of this study is to identify industry risks.
  3. SWOT analysis is a method of assessing internal and external factors that affect the development of a company or project. This technique will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, find new opportunities and identify possible threats.

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Once you entrust us with making a custom SWOT analysis for your Business class or order a film analysis for your History class we find the most suitable author to write it. All of our writers are Ph.D. and Master’s degree holders, which means all of them can deal with the analysis at a high school, college or university level. The major priority for their work is to provide you with an impeccable well-thought-out and 100% original analysis. With our strict anti-plagiarism policy you can rest assured that your SWOT or market analysis will be made from scratch based on your professor’s requirements. We never post final drafts prepared for our clients online and we never use the paper written for you as a basis for another paper. Each final draft is meticulously checked with the usage of an advanced anti-plagiarism software.

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We are not the cheapest custom analysis writing agency online, but we are close to that title among the most reliable companies. We have the best and the brightest trustworthy writers at our disposal, which are not cheap, but we organize our work the way it makes it possible to set affordable prices on any analysis even the most complex one. Of course, to save more money, you should order in advance, at least two weeks before the deadline. However, even if the submission date is scarily close, we are here to help you out. You can count on our timely analysis writing assistance 24/7. Feel free to order cheap analysis paper and rest assured to receive your thoroughly checked final draft on time!

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