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All students are required at some point to write an essay that requires critical thinking. There are several steps you have to take when writing a critical thinking essay correctly. First of all, you have to choose a topic, if it hasn't been assigned by your teacher. You shouldn't choose a topic that has a narrow perspective where there isn't much to say about it. The ideal topic is one that can easily be discussed from several aspects and no readily available solution to a problem it poses. Your goal is to offer a good analysis. So, to do that you have to thoroughly learn about the problem, find out about it from all possible sources, and analyze the material you've gathered, and then write an outline for your essay. You need an introduction that clearly states the issue and your position, body paragraphs to discuss each main point, and a conclusion that summarizes your thesis statement and main ideas. The most difficult part is probably developing a solid thesis statement and clearly supporting it with strong points and supporting details. You will also need to progress through the writing process. You will need to plan your paper, write a rough draft, revise, and then proof-read it. Don’t forget to use transitional devices and precise word choice. Also, make certain to cite any sources used in your essay so that you are not guilty of plagiarism. In, addition, cite your sources in the appropriate format for that discipline of study. Finally, it would be helpful to have a peer to help you in proof-reading because sometimes you know what you meant to write, but what you actually write may not make complete sense to your reader.

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