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There are many reasons that you may need a document summarized. Some students are given a summary as an assignment, as when an English class asks for a book summary to prove that a student has read the work in question, or to prepare a student for an upcoming essay. At other times, an individual may need a summary made of a proposal or a white paper for business purposes, since in the business world time is money and summaries are often used to determine whether a document should be read. In other cases, a summary may be needed for a literature review, an annotated bibliography, or other types of document where the format requires the writer to document works consulted.

However, the art of writing a summary is not an easy one to matter, despite the importance of being able to distill a complex set of ideas down to a manageable paragraph or two. That’s where professional help can be of tremendous assistance. When you utilize the help of a summary writing service, you not only learn how to write the best summary of your chosen document but also receive the help of a trained writer with exceptional reading comprehension and the ability to pare complex material down to its most essential elements.

Types of Summaries You Can Buy

In order to see how our writers can help you, it’s important to know about the different types of summary that you might be asked to complete in your academic or professional experiences:

  • Executive Summary. Business and political documents, reports, and case studies typically begin with an executive summary that functions like a longer and more detailed abstract. This type of summary gives a full overview of the enclosed report and often serves as the cover page or introduction to the material. An effective executive summary will allow the reader to understand the problem, the main lines of evidence, and the conclusion to the degree that they only need to consult the body of the document for supporting data.
  • Film Summary. A film summary outlines the plot of a movie and explains what happens in the key scenes from the beginning of the film to the end. Unlike a film review, which critically evaluates the movie’s quality and themes, a film summary focuses exclusively on the mechanics of the story to explain what happened in what order and to whom.
  • Book Summary. A book summary gives in short form the main idea of a book. A book summary for a work of fiction such as a novel will give the entire plot of the book from start to finish and explain what happened in what order and to whom. A book summary for a work of nonfiction will explain the topic under consideration, the main lines of evidence the author used to explore it, and the conclusions that the author drew about the topic.
  • Research Summary. A research summary provides a distillation of an academic research project or paper for a specific audience. The research summary is similar to an executive summary except that its audience is typically other academic researchers rather than business executives. A research summary is a longer version of the abstract found at the start of most academic papers.
  • Article Summary. An article summary provides a condensed description of the contents of a popular or scholarly article. The article summary gives a point by point description of the article, but unlike an article review, a summary does not critically evaluate the contents.

How We Can Help with Your Summary

We live to write summaries for those who need them most. Our team of writing experts work tirelessly to produce custom written summaries that show you the right way to boil a document down to its essence and which can serve as powerful examples of the right way to format and present your summary.

One of the major risks in summarizing is that of plagiarism. It can be tempting to construct a summary by excerpting key sentences and paragraphs from the document in order to produce a condensed version of the original. Our writers never engage in this deceptive practice. Instead, our writers are trained to summarize in entirely original words, and we confirm the originality of every summary we produce by running it through specialized plagiarism detection software before our clients ever receive their summaries. That way, we can guarantee that the document will be completely original.

Affordable Prices and Exceptional Service

Because this type of writing requires the writer to read a massive document, sometimes including an entire report or book, in order to summarize it, you might be concerned that this type of assistance won’t come cheap. The good news is that our writing service is extremely affordable. We work hard to keep prices low and quality high so almost anyone can afford professional summary assistance to help them overcome their toughest summarizing challenges. When you need to buy custom written summary assistance, you don’t have to look anywhere else to find the online service where the money you pay returns so much on your investment in terms of quality and convenience.

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