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  • We do our best to keep our prices moderate. We do so to make our service affordable to anyone while also being able to hire experienced writers who specialize in various fields of study and are able to complete orders in a satisfactory, professional manner.

    The price for your order is calculated according to the type of paper, the number of pages, the academic level, and the deadline. An important point to remember is that you should communicate your instructions in a clear manner. Doing so will help to ensure that you receive exactly the paper you need.

    Please note that the price for your order does not include any primary research, such as questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and so forth due to geographical reasons and additional time and resources required. However, our writers will eagerly consult you on such points and help you gather the required data necessary for the completion of your paper.

  • We value our returning customers; that's why we have a system of lifetime discounts for those who use our service frequently. If you are a returning customer, you'll be provided with a permanent discount code. Discounts are as follows:

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