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Comparison, obviously, is one of the basic properties of man's abstract thinking, a way of knowing reality and differentiating similar objects and phenomena. The very diversity of the world determines the constant juxtaposition of various phenomena by the human consciousness. That is why compare and contrast essay is both one of the most interesting and most challenging tasks in high school, college and university.

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Many phenomena, especially in the mental sphere, in the sphere of traditions and habits of the people, of social institutions, can only be understood when compared — it is necessary to find something that differs from the usual object, in order to realize that there are some sign , qualities, properties in the habitual for us object - or vice versa, to understand that it does not have certain attributes, qualities, properties.

When writing a custom compare and contrast essay think about the global meaning.

Use the journalistic approach, even when writing a cause and effect essay not on social issues. Use these two tables as examples to guide you through cause and effect writing process:

“Cause” questions “Effect” questions
  • Who will benefit from this?
  • What could have affected?
  • How could it affect?
  • What influenced the most?
  • How is it threatening?
  • What will it affect the most?
  • To which extent?
  • How will it affect the particular case/situation/etc.?

We recommend that you recall the well-known abbreviation PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) - these are areas where you can walk through, analyzing, suggesting what may be affected by an event. Here you can add demography, education, security and other areas, depending on the object of analysis.

Here is the compare and contrast table which can be used when writing an essay on Sociology, Economics, Finance, etc. You can use this principle for any other essay of this type, at any academic level, in any discipline.

Economy Sociology
  • income level
  • price level (products, real estate, transport, petroleum products, ...)
  • living wage
  • increase / decrease in budgetary allocations of executive agents and agencies
  • increase in the staff of executive agents (bodies)
  • unemployment
  • security / crime
  • education
  • health care
  • interethnic relations
  • interfaith relations
Law Politics
  • legislative acts
  • normative acts (decrees, orders, orders, instructions)
  • crime level
  • degree of disclosure
  • creation of new staff units / new functional responsibilities
  • redistribution of powers
  • ratings
  • assignments/permutations
  • relations between state bodies (strengthening/weakening of influence, conflicts, struggle for influence, for authority, for budgetary financing)
  • international relations (tightening/easing of the visa regime, trade relations, investments)

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